The duties and responsibilities of the author (s) and editorial board during the withdrawal of a study or article in accordance with the publication policies of the Journal of Agricities  are given below.


In the event that the author (s) noticed a mistake or error in the article pre-control phase or in a published work, they have an obligation to cooperate with the journal editor in retraction. Applications for withdrawal requests of an article in the evaluation process or in the publication stage will not be considered. Author (s) who wish to request to withdraw their work outside of the evaluation process or publication phase are obliged to fill in the Withdrawal Form and submit the scanned version of each author to the editorial board via e-mail [email protected]  The Publication Board reviews the withdrawal notice and provides a return within 15 days at the latest. Authors may not send their work to another journal for evaluation unless the request to withdraw the copyrighted works transferred by the publication board at the stage of submission to the Journal of Agricities  is approved.


Editorial Board of the Journal of Agricities : In case of suspected violation of copyright, ethical declaration or plagiarism related to a published, early-view or under evaluation work, it is obliged to initiate an investigation into the work. If, as a result of the investigation, the editorial board detects a violation of copyright, ethical declaration or plagiarism, it withdraws the work from the evaluation and returns the detected situations to the authors in detail. In the event that the editorial board detects a copyright infringement and plagiarism in a published or early-view work, it will perform the following withdrawal and notification procedures no later than 15 days.

In the study in which an ethical violation was found;

1. "Withdrawn:" phrase is added to the beginning of the title in electronic display.

2. Instead of the abstract and full text contents in electronic display, the reasons for withdrawal of the study, if there are detailed sources of evidence, are published together with the notifications of the institutions and organizations to which the author (s) are affiliated.

3. The withdrawal notice is announced on the main page of the journal website.

4. As of the date of withdrawal, the electronic and hard copy of the first issue to be published is added to the table of contents as "Withdrawn: Study Title", the reasons for withdrawal and the original citations referenced to it are shared with the public and researchers, starting from the first page.

5. The above withdrawal notifications are sent to the organization (s) to which the author (s) are affiliated.

6. The withdrawal notices listed above are forwarded to the institutions and organizations where the Journal is indexed, as well as to the National Library Directorate for registration in index systems and catalogs.

In addition, the Publication Board may recommend to the publication houses or publication boards of previously published works of the author(s)of the work that has been ethically violated to ensure or withdraw the validity and reliability of the published works.

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